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Population growth, greater urbanisation and increased mobility are increasing demand for new infrastructure and services to alleviate strain on existing assets.


Transport systems are a multi-modal integrated network which requires solutions that are innovative, flexible and sustainable. Providing means to move people and goods across our continent.

Our integrated approach and social responsibility have earned us the trust of local municipalities, government agencies and commercial clients. We understand the need for transportation links across communities and bring integrated commercial and technical experience to make them better places to live.

We work collaboratively with our clients throughout the entire infrastructure lifecycle from concept, through design to construction and handover to operations, with ongoing supports through to the operations.

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  • Whether it be the re-establishment of existing titles or the creation of new titles through Subdivision, RSGs experienced team will ensure your survey is completed on time and with the accuracy and advice you require.

  • From a small residential lot to a large engineering project, at RSG we have the experience and expertise to provide high quality, accurate feature surveys tailored to your requirements.

  • We understand the importance of accurate and timely survey during and after the construction of works. Our Construction Survey services are tailored to the needs of the client.

  • RSG have the expertise to design a fit for purpose structural surveillance solution and undertake periodic monitoring for movement, subsidence and deformation.