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Construction Survey

We understand the importance of accurate and timely survey during and after the construction of works. Our Construction Survey services are tailored to the needs of the client.

Property and Buildings

Developers are seeking efficient solutions that open up more usable spaces and draw greater potential from available land.

We believe that innovative use of buildings and land can bring about a better quality of life for communities, genuine value for property developers and sustainable approaches that benefit all.

The convergence of information and communications technologies with urban infrastructure is opening up new possibilities for connectivity and convenience in residential living.

RSG is a leader providing surveying services for transformative property and building projects in Regional Australia, working with owners and developers to provide creative, flexible solutions that balance a growing demand for easy access to public transport, work and urban leisure.

We provide surveying services across the entire project lifecycle, supporting our clients to realise their property and building projects.

Subdivision Setout

  • Setout of road and footpath levels
  • Setout of sewer reticulation locations
  • Setout of water reticulation locations
  • Setout of utility locations

Road Setout

  • Setout of road cross sections
  • Setout of road alignment
  • Base station setup for Machine Control

Building Setout

  • Setout of building level
  • Setout of building relative to Title
  • Setout of multi level buildings

As Constructed Survey

  • Earthworks
  • Roads
  • Sewer
  • Water
  • Drainage
  • Volume Calculations
  • Certified Levels Plans
  • Tolerance Surveys


  • Whether it be the re-establishment of existing titles or the creation of new titles through Subdivision, RSGs experienced team will ensure your survey is completed on time and with the accuracy and advice you require.

  • From a small residential lot to a large engineering project, at RSG we have the experience and expertise to provide high quality, accurate feature surveys tailored to your requirements.

  • RSG have the expertise to design a fit for purpose structural surveillance solution and undertake periodic monitoring for movement, subsidence and deformation.